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An assortment of unpublished items, updates or projects in hand, being added to gradually.

LNER sleeper

Beginning with the SLF on turnbuckle
trussing; based on the Kirk kit.


The longer length with shower, by
cross-kitting two Kirk kits.

Based on modified Kirk sides with a
scratch u/f, MJT and ABS components.
With historical info.


The quad-art sets in LNER and
BR days..

Kemilway BT

Based on the Kemilway etchings,
with historical illustrations of
carriages and trains.

Gresley TPO

Model and historical pictures of
two models, in BR and LNER

The models to D.113.

steel BG

The premier bogie van on the
ECML. Based on a custom etch by
William Barter and MJT parts.


This model never got written up,
which, is a shame as the subject
is fabulous; this is an overview.

Based on custom etchings with
detailed interior.

Ex-GNR Howlden BV

The D&S kit of the Howlden 45ft BV
built in early and late LNER conditions.
With historical and service notes.

Based on the D&S kit
With historical photographs.

GCR clerestory coaches

Addition to the published article
in BRM with extra constructional info.

GC milk

One of Dan Pinnock's later etched brass
kits, an overview with some train views.


An overview with original pictures instead
of the distorted ones in the Model Rail
article + extended prototype info.


Tweaking the Parkside Dundas kit


From the Airfix kit of the BR Standard GBV

The four Diagrams produced
by the LNER.

LNER cattle

Article abstract re Parkside kit making 9ft, 10ft
manual and AVB versions. Expanded historical
and service notes. The Oxford Rail offering.


Various models based on D&S kits.


Mentioned in a fish train article,
this overview has ABV & manually
braked versions & prototype photos.

GC bog fish

The former R&E etched brass kit,
which changed hands to Brassmasters.
Models of 3 versions, GCR and LNER.

ex-GNR and CLC vans

An overview of various models
to show how easy it can be.

LNER opens

Another step along the way, via
two slightly different opens.

sdjr gbv

Notes from an unpublished article on
building S&DJR goods brake vans.

S&DJR ballast brake vans

Notes from an unpublished article on
building two S&DJR ballast brake vans.

BR cattle truck

Original constructional pics in place of
misleading revisions in the published
article + extra info and historical views.

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Leeds - West Riding

Leeds map

A new section with its own menu.

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LNER Passenger Trains and Formations

The book took 12 years for me and Clive to complete and, though I say so myself, Ian Allan have made a beautiful job of it (see full description and sample pages). Vol.2 about the Secondary Services should follow in a year or so's time.

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