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GCR clerestory coaches

Some years ago I wrote up construction of a Perseverance GCR 50ft clerestory composite in BRM (November 1988 - see Articles Index for more details). Here are the pictures, plus the never-used constructional ones that also showed the 3rd brake. I have also added some more prototype views.

The ends have the wrong profile: here they are being corrected with extra brass soldered on and then filed to the correct outline - it makes a big difference!


And here's the result, well worth the fix! Adding train alarm gear on one of the ends helps too. :-)

General view of the chassis reworked with the fixtures in the correct place.

A closer view of the underframe with a bogie in place. The black area is Plastikard to fill a hole where small parts had been etched. The battery boxes have had backs added. The brake gear is a combination of brass and ABS and MJT parts. The wrongly-etched and unused parts on the floor are clearly visible.

A blow-up of one of the bogies showing the modifications and use of brass strip.

General view of the 3rd brake almost ready for the paint shop. The ducket (made out of Plastikard) has yet to be added. Roof, body, interior and chassis are separate units for ease of painting.

The composite finished in post-1908 varnished wood livery. These coaches were panelled in mahogany, hence the rich, dark colour.

The 1st class end of the composite with a well-to-do passenger looking out of the window. The frosted glass lavatory windows were a delicious part of these kits.

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