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Yuletide puzzle 2020

This year ranges from BR days through LNER and a pre_Grouping scene:

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The sequence is like this:

Two questions per image, eight altogether:

A - Mid-1950s, and appearances can be deceptive! Name the location and what's behind A1 No 60120 Kittiwake

B - K2 No 4681 is passing Stratford in 1932: why is the loco fitted with a Westinghouse pump and what's the train made up with?

C - The year is 1935. Name the location and the express that C7 No 2200 is hauling with four GWR carriages at the head.

D - GCR No 730 (LNER F1 5730) is at Guide Bridge with a distinctive NPCS 6w vehicle. Similar ones worked to King's Cross in LNER days. Can you identify which company's van it was and what it carried?

Please offer your thoughts using the Contact/feedback link. I'll post a full set of answers on New Year's Day and who got most right. :-)

The answers

A - Leeds Central was a multiple joint station and this view is normally seen from the opposite direction. Behind the loco is the goods warehouse still branded "London and Midland Scottish Railway" (ex-LNWR/LYR). Here's the same place looking the other way:

B - The LNER abandoned Westinghouse braked stock except on the GE Section where it was seen as faster-acting and better for suburban services. The train is made up of ex-GER carriages.

C - Seen on Durham Viaduct is the Glasgow-Southampton cross-country express part of which alternated GWR and LNER stock. Another view of the same train at Darlington in 1932:

D - Behind the loco is a distinctive North Staffordshire 6w milk van. It's on pages 108-109 in Peter Tatlow's "Historic Carriage Drawings - 3 - NPCS".

Congratulations to all who got some of them right. Best of all was John Suckling who got 6/8 right, pretty good, John!


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