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Some more historical pictures added, plus the modelling ones.


LNER quadarts: read more ...

A great deal of fresh information has come to light that puts a new light on this picture, and how the LMS operated Sunday express and secondary services.

Rugby 2479

Christmas 2017 puzzle: read more ...

More light on the BGs built with the York ducket, with an illustration in service.
- Further revisions have come up, including re-publication of the book by NERA.
- LNER renumbering added of cascades to the GN Section.
- Likewise for the GE Section.

C7 733

LNER NPCS - 55'6" BG: read more ...

Railway modelling and historical articles
and photographs.

LNER BookSteve - bikeA personal compilation with a detailed index of articles published to date, along with updates and corrections of foul-ups that so often creep in for one reason or another.

The book (right) gets a similar treatment. Then it's a collection of modelling and traffic-related items that never got written up, or are in the pipeline. There's also a photographs section - historical and personal.

New material is added on a regular basis - with the most recent additions/updates below:

Latest: 13th February 2019 (see also R.H. column).

Five constructional pictures added.


All-steel BG: read more ...

Fresh info re a CCQ picture.

B12 8549

LNER teak coaches and livery: read more ...

Batch added from Hunslet in Leeds.


1960s b&w: read more ...

Latest News

Leeds - West Riding

Leeds map

A new section with its own menu.

Read more ...

LNER Passenger Trains and Formations

The book took 12 years for me and Clive to complete and, though I say so myself, Ian Allan have made a beautiful job of it (see full description and sample pages). Vol.2 about the Secondary Services should follow in a year or so's time.

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