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LNER catering

A user note: I have tried to present the articles with a helpful précis. There is much overlap between historical and modelling subjects and search engines in a website can be limited: "Enter search string", for example, is flexible but will only find the top hit per page. It's better if you run Firefox because keying CTR+F (and a precise word or phrase) will highlight all the hits on that page.

British Railway Modelling


LNER D.23A Hairdressing Saloon, Ladies Retiring Room, Cocktail Bar 3rd
A one page piece with two good illustrations of the model and some constructional notes. Based on Kirk sides and (I didn't quote any more suppliers) MJT/scratch underframe on ABS bogies.
1pp, 2 illus. Oct 1993
For more details see "The Flying Scotsman-2" in Model Rail, Apr 2006.
RF E9020E 600

Gresley Restaurant 1st
- 61'6" LNER RF based on the MJT etchings.
- In BR maroon livery. Good picture of the roof fittings.
2pp, 4 illus. Apr 1998

Model Rail

An LNER (GNR) Restaurant Composite
- Gresley 65'6" 12-wheel RC built 1906 with historical vehicle and service notes.
- The D&S kit souped up.
2pp, 6 illus. Apr-May 1999

The 'Flying Scotsman' - 2
- Historical and modelling: the catering coaches.
- LNER Gresley restaurant triplet set - kitchen car and dining cars (RTS)
- LNER D.23A Gresley 61'6" toilet 3rd (with Hairdressing Saloon, Ladies Retiring Room and Cocktail Bar).
- Based on Kirk kits souped-up on semi-scratch underfames with MJT parts. Details of articulation, roof fittings, and interior with 2:1 armchairs.
A grand set of vehicles, only a pity that a full side view of the toilet 3rd got dropped!
An earlier model was shown in BRM Oct 1993 (see above).
6pp, 17 illus. (one historical). Apr 2006

Model Railway Journal

- Brief history of the prototypes, both anthracite-electric and gas.
- Construction of both versions based on MJT parts, now sold by Dart Castings.
8pp, 20 illus.(prototype & model). No 95 (1997)

Railway Modeller

Please note that the 1980s articles here go back to a time when information was harder to come by and not all the components available today had arrived.

Gresley open 3rd restaurant car
Not recommended.
This was based on limited info and misinterpretation. Only later did I get a copy of the LNER Diagram book (and it's now widely available c/o Michael Harris). In short, I used the Comet sides for the general service D.186 3rd Open with 2:2 seating to try and make a D.27 dining car with 2:1 seating (which was briefly branded "Restaurant Car" on the GE Section before being de-branded and renumbered. The bodies were different for the catering version had no lavatory on the narrow side and plain panelling there instead. It cannot be made from an etching for D.186. It can be built via two different routes:
- By taking the Kirk kit for D.186 and reworking the panelling.
- The MJT etchings for D.27.
3pp, 8 illus. Jun 1988

LNER 1st restaurant car
Not recommended except with reservations.
- LNER D.144 RF.
- Some useful tips, mainly the underframe layout. Roof, alas, is based on a less than accurate modeller's dwg. Numbers quoted not entirely applicable because the window design changed. U/f undetailed, insufficient trussing. We have come a long way since this model was built! For better and more accurate models see BRM April 1998 "Gresley Restaurant 1st", above, and an unpublished picture on this website under "Modelling".
4pp, 8 illus. (1 u/f dwg). Jan 1989

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The book took 12 years for me and Clive to complete and, though I say so myself, Ian Allan have made a beautiful job of it (see full description and sample pages). Vol.2 about the Secondary Services should follow in a year or so's time.

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