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LMS Journal

Milk Traffic - an overview
From churns to tank wagons, on small lines and main lines. Unfortunately, Wild Swan published a sample draft with unresolved aspects and errors instead of the finished item. I shall be attaching the text here as it should have been published to set the record straight.
7pp, 11 illus. No 34 (2011)

Model Rail

LMS Coach Focus - 1
- Historical and modelling. Train workings include express and through coach on LNER metals.
- LMS P.1 CK and BCK.
- Two models based on reworked Comet sides, Cu-clad floorpan, Stevenson Carriages trussing, bogies from various sources, other parts from ABS and MJT.
6pp, 20 illus. (7 historical). Jul 2005

LMS Coach Focus - 2
- Historical. Train workings focus on gangwayed 4-sets.
4pp, 7 illus. Aug 2005

LMS & BR Inspection Saloons
- Historical; Designs, development and service.
6pp, 12 illus. Jul 2006

Saloon Inspirations
- Historical: illustrations of D2046 saloons in colour from 1993-1998 in later conditions and liveries, including ScotRail and EWS.
2pp, 10 illus. Aug 2006

LMS Inspection Saloons
- Follow-up letter illustrating prototype lining on a D2046 with recessed door handles.
1pp, 1 illus. Mar 2007

Horses by rail
- Historical: overview of general practices; race traffic; troop specials; hunt specials; theatrical specials.
2pp, 4 illus. May 2007

Parcels trains in the steam era
- A historical overview, mainly LNER/ER, LMR.
7pp, 10 historical illus. Nov 2007

Parcels trains in the steam era - 3
- Historical: Working of short trains; through vans; and the modelling options.
- LMR, ER, ex-S&DJR.
4pp, 8 historical illus.

Milking it!
- Historical: steam era milk traffic on the GWR, WR, LMS, LMR, LNER and ER.
5pp, 11 historical illus. Jul 2008

Pilot duties
- Historical: an account of pilot engines around the country in LMS, LNER, GWR, SR and BR days.
- Covering station, yard and other duties.
7pp, 16 illus. Oct 2008

The 'Lakes Express'
- Historical account of formations and working in LMS and LMR days.
- Four LMS models in brief (more detail in "LMS Coach Focus", Jul-Sep 2007.
5 pp, 7 illus (3 historical). Apr 2009
This has now been added to under Prototype and Traffic.

Coal trains in the steam era

Ex-MR 37 43219 at Chinley South Jc in 1952 with coal empties, dominated by ex-PO wagons. (Colour Rail)

- Historical overview of the traffic and workings.
- LMS, LMR, LNER, former GCR, GWR, WR, BR.
8 pp, illus. Oct 2009

Coal trains in the steam era - Part 2

45609 Gilbert and Ellice Islands passes a coal train with a wide variety of wagon types and grades of coal.

- Historical overview of the traffic and workings.
- Coal Yards.
- Example photos on LNER ex-GCR, ER, LMS and LMR. RCH.
- Model examples based on kits from ABS and Slaters.
Please note that the "Anatomy of a wagon" was introduced without my knowledge: "W-iron" is not a railway term, not part of a wagon, and I have taken a fair bit of stick for this error! It is only a modeller's component. Got that, chaps? :)
6pp, 11 illus. (4 historical). Nov 2009

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LNER Passenger Trains and Formations

The book took 12 years for me and Clive to complete and, though I say so myself, Ian Allan have made a beautiful job of it (see full description and sample pages). Vol.2 about the Secondary Services should follow in a year or so's time.

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