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A user note: I have tried to present the articles with a helpful précis. Historical and modelling aspects often overlap and search engines in a website can be limited: "Enter search string", for example, will only find the top hit per page. Running Firefox helps because keying CTR+F (and a precise word or phrase) will highlight all the hits on that page.

British Railway Modelling


GWR Collett Corridor 3rd
A one-page piece with two pictures and constructional notes of a Scaleforun Chairman's Cup winner. Semi-scratch built with Comet sides.
1pp, 2 illus. May 1995

Model Rail

Cattle by Rail - 4
- BR cattle truck to Diagram 1/353 with historical notes re the variants.WR train photo.
- The Airful/Dapol kit, heavily reworked; not a task for the faint-hearted but it does produce a rather nice result!
Please note that Model Rail washed out the constructional pictures and Photoshopped the white Plastikard modifications into the same shade as the kit grey; the differences can be seen but you have to look closely.
3 pp, 12 illus. (2 prototype). Sep 2003

Rabbits for Sheffield
- GWR 6-wheel Syphon O4.
- Historical notes including traffic between GWR and LNER.
- D&S kit with body tweak and revised assembly.
2pp, 3 illus. (1 prototype). Jan 2004

Horses by rail
- Historical: overview of general practices; race traffic; troop specials; hunt specials; theatrical specials.
2pp, 4 illus. May 2007

Horsing around
Letter with illustration at Kidderminster showing a WR passenger train with 4 horseboxes attached.
1 pp, 1 historical illus. Aug 2007

Horses by rail: the auto-trains
- Another historical follow-up to an article by Chris Leigh
- Shows Ex-GCR, NER and GWR workings.
1 pp, 3 historical illus. Sep 2007

Parcels trains in the steam era - 2
- Historical: SR and WR workings in BR days.
6pp, 11 historical illus.

Parcels trains in the steam era - PS to Part 2
- Illustrated letter re the Acton-Stewarts Lane working and description of the stock.
1 pp, 2 historical illus. May? 2008

Parcels trains in the steam era - 3
- Historical: Working of short trains; through vans; and the modelling options.
- LMR, ER, ex-S&DJR.
4pp, 8 historical illus.

Upton & Blewbury, 1938
- GWR historical: Double-page spread and analysis of scene with goods and passenger trains in the station.
2pp, 1illus. Jul 2008

Milking it!
- Historical: steam era milk traffic on the GWR, WR, LMS, LMR, LNER and ER.
5pp, 11 historical illus. Jul 2008

Pilot duties
- Historical: an account of pilot engines around the country in LMS, LNER, GWR, SR and BR days.
- Covering station, yard and other duties.
7pp, 16 illus. Oct 2008

The Station Halt
- Historical: halts on the GWR, WR, LNER former GCR, NER, SR former LSWR, SECR, Lynton & Barnstaple.
4 pp, 10 illus.

Coal trains in the steam era
- Historical overview of the traffic and workings.
- LMS, LMR, LNER, former GCR, GWR, WR, BR.
8 pp, illus. Oct 2009

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