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LNER non-passenger coaching stock

A user note: I have tried to present the articles with a helpful précis. There is much overlap between historical and modelling subjects and search engines in a website can be limited: "Enter search string", for example, is flexible but will only find the top hit per page. It's better if you run Firefox because keying CTR+F (and a precise word or phrase) will highlight all the hits on that page.

British Railway Modelling

Gresley TPO
- D.164 and D.165 with historical notes and illustrations.
- Two semi-scratch models in LNER teak and BR livery using Peter K etchings for the body, Cu-clad base with MJT parts and ABS bogies, Masokits gangways, and various details from scratch including working lights.
These are pleasing models but of above average difficulty.
4pp, 11 illus. (4 prototype). Apr 1999

Varnishing point
An illustrated letter on the nature of LNER brown. (There should have been an article on this subject)!
2pp, 1 illus. Apr 1999

Model Rail

Rabbits for Sheffield
- GWR 6-wheel Syphon O4.
- Historical notes including traffic between GWR and LNER.
- D&S kit with body tweak and revised assembly.
2pp, 3 illus. (1 prototype). Jan 2004

Horse Play
- GCR horse box in GCR and LNER conditions, with some historical and operating notes.
- R&E Models kit, one built in original condition, the other reworked for modifications made by the LNER.
Please note that Model Rail's art department made several of the fittings on the roof, ends and underframe kind of melt or disappear; also, a crucial recess which has to be cut in the end of floor of the main etching to take the body ends. It helps to compare all the photos in the article but I have now placed better versions of the originals under "Modelling", along with some more prototype pictures.
3pp, 101 illus. (2 prototype). Feb 2004

Eastern Services in Transition - 7
- Historical and modelling. Workings on the GN Section.
- Former GNR 51'1 1/2" BV use for milk traffic, LNER and ER.
- D&S kit with reworked floor-pan and MJT fittings.
6pp, 12 illus. (7 large historical). Apr 2005

Eastern Services in Transition - 8
- Historical: the LNER Gresley 61'6" gangwayed bogie van (BG) to D.43, D.113, D.245, D.260.
- A detailed account of the development strands, sorting out several misunderstandings over the years.
5pp, 8 illus. May 2005

Eastern Services in Transition - 9
- Part two of the above.
- Two models using Kirk and MJT kits of two variants re underframe and bogies. Finished in LNER and BR livery.
6pp, 18 illus. Jun 2005

Eastern Services in Transition
- 11th in the series.
- Gresley 61'6" gangwayed bogie van (BG), steel-panelled to D.198, D.245, D245. LNER and ER.
- Historical. Workings and resolution of confusion between diagrams built with wooden or steel panelling.
5pp, 7 illus. Dec 2005

Eastern Services in Transition
- 12th in the series. Second part of the above.
- Gresley 61'6" gangwayed bogie van (BG), steel-panelled to D.198, D.245, D245. LNER and ER.
- Built as an MJT kit with corrected Comet sides.
4pp, 8 illus. (1 historical). Feb 2006

Horses by rail
- Historical: overview of general practices; race traffic; troop specials; hunt specials; theatrical specials.
2pp, 4 illus. May 2007

Thompson Bogie Vans
- Historical and modelling.
- Thompson BG to D.344.
- Model based on corrected Comet sides and scratch-built ends on a Cu-clad base, MJT roof and other parts, Coopercraft bogies.
5pp, 14 illus. (7 historical). May 2007

Howlden BV

GNR Howlden carriages
- GNR 45' BT, BV with historical and service notes, LNER/BR.
- D&S kits, main modification concerns chassis/body width.
5pp, 14 illus. (7 historical). Sep 2007

Parcels trains in the steam era
- A historical overview, mainly LNER/ER, LMR.
7pp, 10 historical illus. Nov 2007

Horses by rail: the auto-trains
- Another historical follow-up to an article by Chris Leigh
- Shows Ex-GCR, NER and GWR workings.
1 pp, 3 historical illus. Sep 2007

Parcels trains in the steam era - 3
- Historical: Working of short trains; through vans; and the modelling options.
- LMR, ER, ex-S&DJR.
4pp, 8 historical illus.

Milking it!
- Historical: steam era milk traffic on the GWR, WR, LMS, LMR, LNER and ER.
5pp, 11 historical illus. Jul 2008

Coal trains in the steam era
- Historical overview of the traffic and workings.
- LMS, LMR, LNER, former GCR, GWR, WR, BR.
8 pp, illus. Oct 2009

Model Railway Journal

Gresley Middle-period Full Brake in 4mm
- Brief history of the 61'6" teak-panelled vehicles to D.43 and D.113 and train services.
- Construction of a D.113 on turnbuckle trussing and Fox bogies based on MJT parts, now sold by Dart Castings.
The 61'6" bogie vans were revisited in greater historical depth in Model Rail, May & June 2007.
5pp, 8 illus.(prototype & model). No 130 (2001)

Railway Modeller

Please note that the 1980s articles here go back to a time when information was harder to come by and not all the components available today had arrived.

LNER bogie brake van
Not recommended except with reservations.
- 51'1 1/2" BV based on the Kirk kit.
- Some useful tips but another model from the days before MJT produced etchings for the turnbuckle trussing, hence it's scratch built. Fitted with whitemetal Fox bogies and a suspended box that is fictional: I misinterpreted a photograph.
3pp, 9 illus. (1 historical). Sep 1988

LNER gangwayed brake vans
Not recommended.
A rather early attempt to build the Gresley 61'6" BG. Covered better and with more accurate historical info later in:
MRJ No.130 (2001)
MR May & June 2007
5pp, 10 illus. Jun 1989

LNER gangwayed brake vans - 2
- 52'6" BG as built for the GE Section
- With historical notes and Diagram.
- The Kirk kit reworked (there is a full kit now). Another model from before MJT produced etched turnbuckle trussing.
2pp, 3 illus. Sep 1989

Gresley steel-panelled full brake
- Brief (very!) history of 61'6" all-steel and steel-panelled bogie vans.
- Steel-panelled D.198 model using MJT parts and Comet sides.
This subject was revisited in greater detail in Model Rail, Dec 2005 & Feb 2006.
3pp, 7 illus. Oct 1997

LNER (ex-GC) bogie van
- Former GCR bogie fish as modified for general bogie van service.
- R&E Models kit.
1pp, 2 illus. Jul 1999

Thompson steel-panelled full brake
- 63' D.344 brief history.
- A cross-kit build using re-formed Comet sides around a Cu-clad base and MJT parts.
This subject was revisited in greater historical depth Model Rail, May 2007.
2pp, 5 illus. Oct 1998

Gresley late-period Full Brake
- 61'6" BG to D.113 and D.245 with brief history.
- On steel-angle trussing and Gresley 8' bogies.
- Based on the Kirk kit with semi-scratch underfame with MJT parts and Blacksmith or Coopercraft bogies.
Covered in greater detail in:
MRJ No.130 (2001)
MR May & June 2007
2pp, 6 illus. Feb 1999

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