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LNER goods

A user note: I have tried to present the articles with a helpful précis. There is much overlap between historical and modelling subjects and search engines in a website can be limited: "Enter search string", for example, is flexible but will only find the top hit per page. It's better if you run Firefox because keying CTR+F (and a precise word or phrase) will highlight all the hits on that page.

Model Rail

Cattle by Rail:3
- Ex-NER and ex-GCR cattle trucks with historical notes & photographs.
- All based on D&S whitemetal kits. One version of the ex-NER one, but four of the ex-GCR one from manual to AVB and various detail differences. In LNER and BR liveries.
3pp, 8 illus. (3 prototype). Jul 2003.

BR brake van tail lamps
- Reply to a Q&A query with two illustrations showing changes in practice over the years.
1pp, 2 illus. May 2007

Coal trains in the steam era
- Historical overview of the traffic and workings.
- LMS, LMR, LNER, former GCR, GWR, WR, BR.
8 pp, illus. Oct 2009

Coal trains in the steam era - Part 2
- Historical overview of the traffic and workings.
- Coal Yards.
- Example photos on LNER ex-GCR, ER, LMS and LMR. RCH.
- Model examples based on kits from ABS and Slaters.
Please note that the "Anatomy of a wagon" was introduced without my knowledge: "W-iron" is not a railway term, not part of a wagon, and I have taken a fair bit of stick for this error! It is only a modeller's component. The real thing is called an axleguard. Got that, chaps? :)
6pp, 11 illus. (4 historical). Nov 2009

Model Railway Journal

LNER Cattle Trucks
- Historical account of the development of the LNER cattle truck from 1924 to BR days.
- Construction of three variants using the Parkside Dundas kit. Please note that I got the door width of the 1924 design wrong: it should be narrower.
10pp, 23 illus. (prototype & model). Mo 87 (1996)

Railway Modeller

Ex-NER bolsters

Constructing two LNER bolster wagons
- A pair of ex-NER single bolster wagons, scratch built.
- One by me, the other by my 14-year old son. Scratch-building isn't so hard, after all!
2pp, 2 illus. Dec 1996

LNER Express Fish
- Fish train with GCR and LNER fish trucks and 6w goods brake van.
- 7 models based on kits from ABS, Chivers, Falcon Brass/Jidenco, R&E.
- With two versions of the R&E GCR bogie fish van.
3 pp, 8 illus. Mar 1997

LNER (ex-GC) bogie van
- Former GCR bogie fish as modified for general bogie van service.
- R&E Models kit.
1pp, 2 illus. Jul 1999

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LNER Passenger Trains and Formations

The book took 12 years for me and Clive to complete and, though I say so myself, Ian Allan have made a beautiful job of it (see full description and sample pages). Vol.2 about the Secondary Services should follow in a year or so's time.

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