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Back Track

LNER Flyers from the Air

The article is in the September 2017 issue of Back Track and as the aerial pictures have come out quite small (a quarter the size of the originals) I thought I'd show them here a bit larger; the panoramic scope of the images and the size of the prints have quite a "wow" factor. There's also a little more as the magazine cropped the pictures around the edges (hard to avoid when placed in the corners of the page). Here's a general view of the whole thing, I'm afraid that you'll have to buy the mag to read the text! :)

BT Sep 2017

The aerial views are accompanied by the captions as-penned and are just the basics: the whole story, some of it controversial, ran across the two pages.

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LNER A3 Pacific No.2746 Fairway heads the down 'Flying Scotsman'. (Author's Collection).

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Another view of Fairway, believed to be between Arlesey and Biggleswade. (Author's Collection).

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The up 'Silver Jubilee' crossing the viaduct at Digswell. (Author's Collection).

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In the text I went over naming policy for:

signal boxes

I did not say that Digswell Viaduct has been misnamed by rail fans "from the station name" but that they:

"... introduced "Welwyn Viaduct", linking it, station-name-like, with a village or town further away, not the actual place where the viaduct stands. "

The Great Central in East Anglia

Ex-GCR J10 No5805 leaves Yarmouth South Town with a goods train in which a large number of empty cattle trucks have been marshalled, ex-NER, NBR, and GER. (ER Wethersett)

An account of the LNER period when the GE Section ran short of locos and all manner of types were drafted in to work passenger and goods services.
6pp, 10 illus. Dec 1995

Racehorse Names for LNER Pacifics

A3 Call Boy

A3 2795 Call Boy on the "Flying Scotsman". From the final batch of A3s when naming was after current winenrs of the classics, this loco was built in 1930 and named after the 1927 winner of the Derby. (Maurice Earley)

An explanation of the reasons for the adoption of these names and why they were chosen, from the Gresley A1/A3s to the post-war Thompson and Peppercorn A1 and A2s.
7pp, 10 illus. Jun 2005 (Vol 19, No 6)

Trains and Formations of the LNER Streamliners


4469 Gadwall at Brookmans Park on 30th June 1938 with the spare set deployed for the "Silver Jubilee". (ER Wethersett)

Describing how the formations were made up and modified in the light of operating experience, extracted from LPT&F with alternative illustrations (except for the one above where photo and caption got switched: the above is correct).
5pp, 9 illus. May 2013 (Vol 27, No 5)

Model Rail

Cattle traffic in LNER and BR days
- Historical overview of vehicles and train working.
The precursor to four articles with slightly haphazard titles.
3pp, 6 historical illus. Mar 2003

BR MkI - Secondary and Suburban

42092 on 1st August 1960 with a train to Marylebone.

Overview of designs and gradual progression of formations used in: Marylebone Outer Suburban and Secondary service; King's Cross Inner Suburban; Dunstable branch.
There were clear lines of development in these services over the years which I have tried to lay out clearly.
5pp, 9 illus. Jan 2007

BR MkI - Secondary and Suburban - 2

- Historical.
- As above but looking at: King's Cross Secondary and Outer Suburban service; GN Section Secondary; the 1970s; Excursions.
Conclusion of the half dozen or so different kinds of service on which the stock was deployed in a characteristic and methodical manner.
4pp, 9illus. Apr 2007

Parcels trains in the steam era - 3

L1 67714 at Aylesbury detaches/attaches a bogie van on/off a train.

- Historical: Working of short trains; through vans; and the modelling options.
- LMR, ER, ex-S&DJR.
4pp, 8 historical illus. Jul 2008

The Station Halt

Eydon Road halt a few miles south of Woodford Halse.

- Historical: halts on the GWR, WR, LNER former GCR, NER, SR former LSWR, SECR, Lynton & Barnstaple.
4 pp, 10 illus. Aug 2008

Pilot duties

J69 68599 Lincoln

J69 68599 is serving as station pilot at Lincoln on 1st July 1950 with lights over each buffer, fore and aft. MR Trust Ltd.

Historical: an account of pilot engines around the country in LMS, LNER, GWR, SR and BR days.
Covering station, yard and other duties.
7pp, 16 illus. Oct 2008

Coal trains in the steam era

J83 in 1952 at Craigleath with a short coal train, made up almost entirely with wooden wagons carrying hand-mined coal.

- Historical overview of the traffic and workings.
- LMS, LMR, LNER, former GCR, GWR, WR, BR.
8 pp, illus. Oct 2009

Coal trains in the steam era - Part 2

The coal yard at Brackley Central.

- Historical overview of the traffic and workings.
- Coal Yards.
- Example photos on LNER ex-GCR, ER, LMS and LMR. RCH.
- Model examples based on kits from ABS and Slaters.

Please note that the "Anatomy of a wagon" was introduced without my knowledge: "W-iron" is not a railway term, not part of a wagon, and I have taken a fair bit of stick for this error! It is only a modeller's component. Got that, chaps? :)
6pp, 11 illus. (4 historical). Nov 2009

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LNER Passenger Trains and Formations

The book took 12 years for me and Clive to complete and, though I say so myself, Ian Allan have made a beautiful job of it (see full description and sample pages). Vol.2 about the Secondary Services should follow in a year or so's time.

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