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If you have spotted any errors or omissions, I'd really appreciate the details so they can be incorporated into future revisions. If possible, please specify the page number and paragraph, using the feedback form here.

Here is what has come to light so far:

Chapter 1: The Expresses
The Flying Scotsman

2746 Flying Scotsman 4482 Flying Scotsman

This chapter has been added to at length under Prototype and Traffic, The Flying Scotsman, with reference to the illustration on p.33 where the formation includes an ex-GNR saloon, and operation of the 1938 set (pp.34-36).

Page 27 - Lower photograph, pilot lights looked like express lights but the glasses at each end were set for one red, one white and which side was not specified. Well known but missed during proof reading, thanks to Darwin Smith for the prod.

Chapter 2: Through Coaches and Portions
Page 85 - The loco is the unique 'C2' No 3271 which was subjected to various design modifications and ended up with inside cylinders. The photo was dated 1932 but the fittings are confusing for, according to RCTS 3A, the lower dome was fitted in 12/1933 but the 3 washout plugs are pre-4/1931, after which there were four: maybe not all are visible in this view? Thanks to Neville Stead for spotting this one.

Page 93 - the through coach is ex-NBR. With thanks to John Smart.

Chapter 3: Cross-country Expresses
Page 108 - Upper photograph, the train is heading north (John Smart again).
Page 108 - Lower photograph, another loco detail spotted by Neville Stead: D10 No 5429 was renamed Sir Douglas Haig in 1917, and again c1920 when it became Prince Henry.

Page 119 - In the first table there is a tabbing slip and the BSK underneath the 1949 roster actually belongs under the 1956 one.

Chapter 4: Secondary Expresses
Page 140 - The train in the illustration with J11 No 64313 in charge is heading north of Rugby Central.

See also "The Mansfield-Marylebone express" under Prototype and Traffic, which sheds new light on the express in LNER days.


Page 150 - This picture got cropped and lost the back end of the train. It shows a Link E 5-set in which steel-panelled twins from the "steel quintuple sets" were dispersed. The formation can be seen as one of the twins and three teak-panelled coaches.

BSK-SK   2nd brake (twin)
        CK   1st/2nd
        SK   2nd
      BSK   2nd brake

Chapter 6: Pullman Car Trains
Page 178

Halifax Pullmans

SLS Collection.
Revised 21-9-13: This picture, with on the back of the print "Bradford Pullmans en route to Leeds", was suspect because there is no viaduct en route and was captioned in the book as the Halifax cars from the "West Riding" or "Yorkshire Pullman" behind N2 2587 in the 1930s at Brighouse. The correct location and direction of travel has now been found: the cars are leaving Halifax, have just called at North Bridge station, and are ascending at some speed the 1:45 on the viaduct between Old Lane and Lee Bank tunnels, towards Queensbury and Bradford.


In this detail from the 1947 OS 1" map, North Bridge station can be seen in the lower right hand corner and the viaduct between the tunnels. In the photograph, the water on the left of the picture is Ovenden Brook, visibly swollen with water, but not shown on this map.

The 1:2,500 scale map for 1922 is more revealing. Ovenden Brook can be seen passing diagonally under the viaduct and the photographer's location is indicated. He probably caught the gasholders on the left of the picture and cropped them out in printing. Indeed the print appears to have been quite an enlargement, which would help explain its relatively poor quality. The upshot is that the train can be identified as the 10.53am from Halifax Old-Leeds Central and hence King's Cross. At last, we have the whole story! :-)

Today the viaduct is long gone and a car park lies where the train would have passed overhead. The path remains, although the photographer's vantage point, level with the viaduct's parapet is overgrown by mature trees. With thanks to John Marsh and John Smart who has checked the site on foot.

Chapter 7: Final Developments
Page 205
Yorkshire Pullman

A grand scene near Laisterdyke on a dank day shows ex-LMS Black Five No 45279 taking the 09.55 from Bradford Exchange to Leeds Central, the Bradford portion of the Yorkshire Pullman, on 11th September 1967. This picture was shown as an enlargement and the caption half lost. Taken by John Marsh, here is the whole panorama with mills and multiple tracks on the ascent out of Bradford. The portion consists of the three Pullman cars and BR Mk.1 BG.

Page 221 - The image showing the seating plan of the East Anglian corrupted. Here is a clearer version:

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